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The great Interstate 40 tug-of-war between Memphis and Nashville–two proud cities with proud and distinct cultures–will you be able to target effectively in both?  With L2 voter data you’ll have access to the most demographically detailed voter data available and with our hot button issue data, you’ll be able to come up with appeals both in the “Home of the Blues” and in “Music City”. 


Did you know that in the last year about 50% more voters have switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party than vice versa (an analysis easily performed with L2 VoterMapping)?  The Volunteer State is a rich political prize and L2 data has been trusted by campaigns, consultants and political organizations there for many years. 

What Makes Us Different?


On average, voter files from private and public sources contain 13% waste in the form of duplicate data, recent movers, and the deceased.  We ensure those records don’t make it into your voter contact program.


Our data director maintains close ties with every county in the state to ensure we’re receiving both new registrants and early voters as frequently as is available.

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L2 VoterMapping gives you instant access to hundreds of fields of data allowing you to quickly and easily pull reports, counts, and export the data you need in the format you need.


Our large and growing volume of users allows us to keep our file pricing extremely fair, in some case 75% of what others are offering.


L2’s award-winning voter visualization and selection tool, VoterMapping, gives you unprecedented web-based access to the most comprehensive voter, consumer predictive model data. Plus you add your own private data to bolster our records.


Make Selections based on hundreds of voter, consumer, and predictive models


Purchase and Export Records in a variety of formats easily and instantly 24/7


Upload Your Data matched back to L2’s voter files and available only on your account


Pull Counts and Do Analysis both visually and with the creation of PDF reports, cross-tabs and overlay this information against a map of your district or geographic targets


Own Purchased Records for One-Year with updates inside VoterMapping


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