L2’s Early/Absentee Voting Data Explained

What is L2? L2 is the largest and longest-serving non-partisan national voter file provider.  L2 provides tens of thousands of campaigns and advocacy organizations as well as universities and media organizations with access to part or all of our enhanced national...

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L2’s 2020 Early Absentee and Vote-by-Mail Program

41 States Over the Next 4 Weeks Millions of Americans have already voted by mail across the country and many more have requested and been issued their ballots. L2 is ingesting and providing those data along with additional ballot styles including "rejected ballots"...

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25 Million New Cell Phones Added to L2’s National Voter File

Due to the massive end of cycle demand for voter matched cell phone numbers, L2 has added to our best-in-class cell phone database and acquired 25 Million+ additional voter matched cell phone numbers. These newly added numbers increase our national voter file coverage...

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