An affordable and up-to-date Connecticut voter file is here

Connecticut’s voter information is the most expensive in the nation but through L2 you’ll pay less for a higher quality file. Because we work with so many Alabama campaigns, consultants, and state organizations we are able to offer you Connecticut’s voter lists with multiple updates per year at a discounted rate. And in addition to state voter information, you’ll also receive 600 fields of consumer and demographic data as well as modeled party identification.

Divide and conquer

California campaigns, consultants, organizations, and political vendors have different challenges working in the largest state in the nation. With Over 55 counties divided by scores of political jurisdictions and sub-jurisdictions it is critical to have a data partner that is on the ground working to make sure you have every advantage possible. L2 is there —live and in person — building strategic partnerships and setting up a data collection infrastructure to give California’s political data users a trusted resource. For the 2018 cycle, we are proud to unveil the most up-to-date, easily accessed, robust and lowest cost California voter file available anywhere.

Try our proprietary database and voter mapping tool


L2’s award-winning voter visualization and selection tool, VoterMapping, gives you unprecedented web-based access to the most comprehensive voter, consumer predictive model data. Plus you add your own private data to bolster our records.

  • Make Selections based on hundreds of voter, consumer, and predictive models
  • Pull Counts and Do Analysis both visually and with the creation of PDF reports, cross-tabs and overlay this information against a map of your district or geographic targets
  • Purchase and Export Records in a variety of formats easily and instantly 24/7
  • Own Purchased Records for One-Year with updates inside VoterMapping
  • Cut Turf and build walk, phone, mailing and other lists
  • Upload Your Data matched back to L2’s voter files and available only on your account

Customize Your Results with Detailed Data Selection Criteria

Our voter analysis and selection tool is unlike any other. Choose from over 600 selection criteria, see examples below:


Most up-to-date voter file

  • All political boundaries including minor areas
  • Active & Inactive
  • Party
  • Gender
  • Complex Voter History
  • Registration Date
  • Age
  • Absentee
  • Early Voting
  • Mail-in Voter
  • Household Voter Count
  • Household Party Composition
  • Household Gender Composition


Thousands of characteristics on all adults, not just voters.

  • Ethnicity
  • Veteran/Active Military
  • Language
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Education
  • Home & Land Values
  • Children
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Gun Owner/Concealed Carry
  • Private File & FEC Donor Data
  • Cable Zone/DMA Targeting
  • Census Data
  • Religion


Target by issue, candidate and behavior

  • Abortion
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Ballot Dropoff
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Border Wall with Mexico
  • Casinos
  • Environment
  • Candidate Primary/General Choice (Presidential)
  • Common Core
  • Church Attendance
  • Social Issues
  • Fracking
  • Gun Control
  • Trump Supporters
  • Tea Party


What Makes Us Different?

We maintain the most frequently updated California file, easily accessible through our VoterMapping platform and 75% less expensive than other providers.


On average voter files from private and public sources contain 13% waste in the form of duplicate data, recent movers, and the deceased.  We ensure those records don’t make it into your voter contact program.


Our California data director maintains close ties with every county in the state to ensure we’re receiving both new registrants and early voters as frequently as is available.


L2 VoterMapping gives you instant access to hundreds of fields of data allowing you to quickly and easily pull reports, counts, and export the data you need in the format you need.


Our large and growing volume of users in California and nationwide allows us to keep our file pricing extremely fair, in some case 75% of what others are offering.

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