Email/Texting Deployment

Speak to Voters & Consumers on their phone


L2 email lists can be purchased or rented.


If your project involves prospecting and testing different audiences, renting email lists will lower your costs dramatically. In addition, we will deliver your message through our enterprise-level deployment platform. We’ll rent the L2 email address to you for one-time use and deploy your message to it for less than the cost most companies will charge just for doing the deployment.


If you have a known and targeted universe that you expect to contact repeatedly, purchasing the list makes the most sense. Purchasers of email addresses will find that professional deployment is necessary. Popular do-it-yourself web-based deployment platforms are designed solely for small lists.

Collected from a variety of premier ‘opt-in’ sources, L2’s email lists give your organization a phenomenal building block on which to build your email targeting and outreach.

  • All of L2’s emails are from ‘opt-in’ sources
  • Emails go through an SMTP ‘handshake’ ensuring 90%+ deliverability
  • Attach emails to any targeted voter selection
  • Email to voter data match rate is 25% to 35%
  • You have the option to purchase the email lists with unlimited usage or rent the lists and deploy through L2 Media
  • Emails go through a multi-stage verification process 

How it Works

L2 offers both the email data and the ability to distribute through our simple three-step process
  • Choose your selected audience – We have hundreds of demographic, consumer, and other data from which to target. We can typically match email addresses for 25%-35% of any audience selected.
  • Decide whether you want to send the email from your organization or have L2 distribute on your behalf.
  • Setup email deployment with L2’s email marketing team or take delivery of the list. Consultation is provided at no additional cost. We will walk you through the entire process to ensure that you have the most effective deployment.


We keep the process and pricing extremely simple – you provide us with the message and select your audience,
we take care of the rest. Over 90% of text messages are read within 5 minutes.
Step 1

craft your message

Text for Get Out the Vote, fundraising, promoting your cause, grassroots lobbying, etc using up to 320 characters (can include a URL) or for more impact add an image, gif or video (MMS). Include up to four custom replies to further engage your audience. We can help you craft your message.

Step 2

Pick your universe

Select from L2’s hundreds of fields of voter, consumer, donor, demographic and other data to personalize and micro target every text. We can help you pick the right audience.

Step 3

We send and reply

Fill out a simple form, attach your L2 universe, tell us when you want the texts to deliver, and our expert team will handle the sending and replying of every text one at a time within your delivery window. We send you a full report within 24 hours of concluding the program.

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