You can’t make informed decisions if you
don’t trust your underlying data.
L2’s data compilation and development protocol involves both human and automated control checks throughout our proprietary process. This meticulous data authentication practice means the data you’re using your campaign or advocacy effort is unbreakable.

 Our data integrity and processing philosophy consists of three components:


Our matching process begins with a check by one of our highly-trained operators, enforcing standardized formatting and correcting any visible abnormalities.  Our proprietary matching algorithm obtains the highest possible match rate. Depending on the personally identifiable information (PII) provided with the private file, multiple fields are verified to confirm a match.


L2’s hygiene, or cleaning processing, identifies specific flags such as:

Voter/Consumer File Match

Email Verification

Active Landline or Cell Phone Number Verification

National Change of Address

Social Security Death Index Matching

Each of these flags ensure that your file has the most current information without sacrificing the file integrity.  


Once L2 matches your private file to our database, additional fields can be integrated with your records including:

Voter/Consumer information

Email Addresses

Landline or Cell Phone Numbers

Issue/Behavioral Modeling


All data matched and/or uploaded into any of our databases will be accessible only by your organization and its representatives.  L2’s database architecture is designed to protect and segregate user’s private data so that data is never shared between accounts.

L2 also goes through the additional process of encrypting all file data when it’s put
into our system making it indecipherable to outsiders.

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Phone Lists

In order for outbound telemarketing campaigns to be successful, telephone numbers must be a correct match to the desired name or household. Bad numbers mean angry voters and frustrated volunteers. Our multiple stage cleaning and verification process includes filtering our data against 10 national commercial sources, as well a sour national disconnect file used by Verizon and AT&T.

For landline phones L2 works with the penultimate source, the national caller assistance directory. This clearinghouse of every landline phone number in the country is augmented by five additional landline phone sources. When it comes to mobile numbers, L2 works directly with the providers and multiple commercial sources to provide the best accuracy available for texting and calling. In addition to our comprehensive disconnect file we’re working with the largest phone banking companies to eliminate every disconnected record.

Direct Mail Lists

The United States Postal Service (USPS) utilize our VoterMapping platform to identify voters and showcase the power of direct mail. In today’s age of vote-by-mail and almost universal absentee voting, we have the ability to target these voters and the day they’re most likely to vote.

L2 puts every voter file we create through a multistage verification process including running files against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database and through the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification process. This ensures your mail is delivered to the right target.

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