the ccpa and l2 clients

DISCLAIMER: The following information is not meant to be a substitute for the language in the CCPA itself and is not provided as legal advice regarding interpretation of the law.  It is meant only to act as a general guide to some of the provisions of the CCPA.  Please refer specifically to the language of the law found here to answer your questions definitively or consult your personal attorney.

how the ccpa affects your work with l2

1.     Are you using L2’s voter data only?
                      If “yes” then this law has no effect on you or on L2.

2.     Are you using L2’s non-voter commercial data?
                      If “no” then this law has no effect on you.
                      If “yes” then go to the next question.

3.     Are you using L2’s non-voter commercial data containing records for citizens of California?
                      If “no” then this law has no effect on you.
                      If “yes” then go to comments in 4.

4.     If you are a customer for the L2 National Commercial file either nationwide or specifically in CA, then you may be affected by this law.  You should consult your attorneys for exact answers but here are the steps L2 will be taking and that you may be required to take as well.
 a. L2 will place a page on its website letting California citizens know of their rights.  That page will include our current Q&A and the full text of the law.                       

b. The web page will and must give visitors at least two reasonable methods for contacting L2 including a phone number and an email address.  L2 will also have a form that allows users to fill out their contact information and request a review of the data L2 has related to them.  The CA citizen will also have to offer some kind of proof that they are who they say they are to confirm identity before their record can be shared.  That might be a scanned and emailed copy of their passport or CA driver’s license.

c. Upon receiving the request for information and confirming identity within the allowed time frame, L2 will provide the CA citizen’s record for review or offer to delete it from L2’s files.

d.   If you are a licensee of L2’s National Commercial file you will also have these direct responsibilities but L2 will also pass along the LALIDs of individuals wishing to have their records removed from the L2 National Commercial file in your possession and those records will not be included in the next generation of that file which you receive.

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