As we do after every election L2 is aggressively working to collect the latest returns for all 50 states and Washington, D.C., our process and timeline are outlined below…

The Election Day Return Process
Immediately after an election takes place, L2 works with Secretary of State and Board of Election offices to aggressively acquire fresh files with certified results as quickly as possible. Providing the certified results ensures that we have a complete file of those currently registered voters who voted in the most recent election. This prevents gaps in the return data that would exist by releasing a file before it’s fully coded. We occasionally make exceptions to this including the case of Georgia (read more below).

Like with all voter file collection, the timing and processes vary by state. In many cases, states require months before releasing a fully coded file with the majority of the states releasing their file sometime between January and March of the year following the November general election. Due to the massive new registration and voter turnout in this year’s general election along with procedural changes and potential legal challenges, we expect some states to delay their releases an additional one to four weeks beyond the timing we’ve seen in the past.

Due to two statewide special elections to be held on January 5, 2021, in Georgia, we are planning an immediate release of a fresh copy of the statewide file sometime next week (week of the 16th). This release will include all available returns from the Georgia Secretary of State but will likely still be missing some returns where data are not yet available. It’s worth noting that over 55% of voters in Georgia chose to vote early or by mail and are reflected in our current version of the file. We are also planning a second and potentially third release of the file sometime in December to include additional election day return data and new registrations over the next several weeks.

Expected Release Dates**

**NOTE: These dates are estimations based on when the file has come available to L2 over the past 4 years after the November General Election. As stated above the 2020 general election had a record turnout a combination of the turnout, procedural changes in how the election was held along with potential court cases may delay returns as well.

AK – Early February

AL – Late January

AR – Late January

AZ – Early April

CA – Early January

CO – Late December

CT – Mid-February

DC – Early March

DE – Early January

FL – Early January


HI – Late January

IA – Late January

ID – Early January

IL – Mid-February

IN – Mid-February

KS – Late January

KY – Early February

LA – Late January

MA – Mid-February

MD – Early December

ME – Late February

MI – Mid March

MN – Early February

MO – Mid-February

MS – Early January

MT – Early February

NC – Late January

ND – Early March

NE – Early January

NH – Early January

NJ – Late March

NM – Late February

NV – Late January

NY – Late February

OH – Late January

OK – Late January

OR – Late February

PA – Early February

RI – Early January

SC – Mid-March

SD – Early January

TN – Early January

TX – Late January

UT – Early February

VA – Late February

VT – Early January

WA – Early January

WI – Early January

WV – Late March

WY – Late March