L2 ConstituentMapping is the choice for elected officials wishing to understand and communicate with the voters and non-registered adults in their districts.  To ‘lead’, elected officials must first ‘understand’ and there is no other constituent management tool available today that allows those officials to ‘see’ their constituents at this level of detail.  Through instant geospatial visualizationleaders can develop an entirely new understanding of those they lead.

(Map of New York’s 17th Congressional District with constituents colored by ethnicity)

Visually ‘fly over’ your state or district, viewing in great detail the location of every constituent in your selection or ‘zoom down’ to the rooftop level to get information about the occupants of a single household.  Constituent selections, even for millions of individuals, occur instantly.  Simultaneously, detailed counts and percentages by all sub-demographic categories and boundaries are calculated and displayed.  The selection and visualization speeds are unprecedented and in combination with complex commercial demographic data allow officials to understand the nature of their districts in ways never before possible except through tedious, time-consuming and expensive mapping and analysis projects.

(Map of an area of San Francisco, CA colored by income range)

Display income and educational distribution patterns.  Learn where families with children are located or display the areas of highest and lowest home values.  Confirm or discover patterns of ethnic community distribution.  Select and cross-analyze occupational categories with community distribution, income and interests.  Ask and answer an infinite number of demographic questions instantly and visually.

Within you’ll be able to create and save universes.  You’ll have the power to combine and de-dupe them, omit one from another or take only the intersection between the two.  More importantly, you’ll actually ‘see’ your final universe in ways never before possible.

But there’s more here than just analysis and selection.  We know you need the data exported and formatted in a variety of ways.  Multiple download formats are available for the data you purchase.  You’ll be able to create databases, telephone files, printable lists of all kinds, electronic and printable mailing labels, random sample lists and more.  L2 ConstituentMapping will provide your office with all the data tools necessary to reach the subset of constituents you wish to reach.

Analyze Before You Download

(Map of Florida colored by Age Range and subdivided visually by county)

The combination of the most accurately processed voter and non-registered adult data available and the speed of the geospatial visualization gives public officials unprecedented analytical power.  L2 ConstituentMapping is a web-based tool that makes complete constituent file data, commercial data enhancements and census data sets all available for visualization and selection.  It is also a powerful research tool even if you never purchase and download a single record.  Want to know where a particular zip code is located in the state?  Done.  Want to see how well-distributed your selection is within the displayed boundaries of a particular district?  Done.  Want to create a heat map revealing variations in the concentration of Hispanic voters across the state?  All done…instantly.  The ways in which L2 ConstituentMapping can be used for research and analysis are nearly endless.

Included Data:

  • Current registered voter data from L2
  • Non-Registered adult data gathered from commercial sources
  • Complete Maps & Satellite Images from Bing MapsTM
  • We can even add your own data to the mix!

Features Overview:

  • Powerful, fast and easy to learn intuitive website interface
  • Make selections of constituent records on over 600 demographic variables
  • Display boundaries for all major district types
  • Edit at any zoom level, see the results instantly
  • Edit from Map, Satellite, Hybrid or Terrain view
  • Blazing speed as you zoom and pan through states, counties, precincts, census blocks
  • Counts are updated as you zoom, pan or move your mouse
  • Generate heat maps to view and analyze underlying data in a more meaningful way
  • Use Choropleth mapping to analyze demographic patterns by a political boundary
  • Manipulate files through combining, omitting and selecting intersections
  • Save multiple selection universes then purchase only those you wish to have
  • Manage your personal or company account and pay for data downloads online
  • Output databases, telephone files, printable lists of all kinds, electronic and printable mailing labels, random sample lists and more.

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