L2’s industry leading national voter file, consumer data and modeled data from HaystaqDNA are now available through LiveRamp.  L2 will provide the first non-partisan national voter file for instant use on the LiveRamp platform.

LiveRamp works with the world’s largest advertising platforms and data providers to improve and enhance digital ad targeting..  This partnership allows hundreds of digital marketers to seamlessly utilize L2’s voter, consumer and modeled segments. 

L2’s data continues to be available through our longstanding relationship with Audience Partners.


Through LiveRamp new platforms are being added weekly. Most recently L2 voter, consumer and modeled issue segment have become available through Xaxis, theTradeDesk and Centro .

Xaxis Centro3bb184bL2’s segments go beyond the voter file giving access to hundreds of commercial fields ready for consumer outreach. Over 30 segments of modeled issue data, created as part of partnership between L2 and HaystaqDNA, are also available for digital targeting.   

For more information email: paul.westcott@L2political.com